Donation & Suggestion Boxes

Charitable groups, non-profit organizations, and fundraising drives whether local or global all rely heavily on the generosity of others…and the right Acrylic Donation Boxes to collect those all-important funds!

Donation Boxes in smaller dimensions come with different options to accentuate your campaign. How about a Donation Box with a Postcard Header to highlight your endeavor with colorful graphics and a catchy slogan? We can arrange it. Security’s also important, right? That’s why we offer tough Acrylic Donation Boxes with locking devices. Another benefit of acrylic is that filling donation boxes tend to draw even more donations. Whether it’s psychological or just appealing to the good-natured generosity of people, being able to see a fundraising campaign’s initial success helps drive more people to add their own contributions. In that case, larger Acrylic Donation Boxes could be better suited to your drives. From 6-1/4” all the way up to 11” wide, we offer a number of styles to accommodate.

No matter what size, Acrylic Donation Boxes and Suggestion Boxes deliver in all kinds of ways.
- Extra thick acrylic makes them extremely tough to break into, deterring robbery
- Styles with bottom or top locking features provide added security
- Proper location drives people to donate
- Ideal for gathering anonymous suggestions from employees
- Great way to get feedback from customers
- Customization makes them stand out to attract more positive attention

All you have to do now is select which Acrylic Box is right for you. Plastic Products Mfg is running great specials on certain styles right now. We offer nearly two DOZEN different kinds of Acrylic Donation Boxes and Suggestion Boxes.